We demand Osman Kavala's immediate release!

We, as Civil Society Organisations, who have had the chance to work with Osman Kavala since 2012 with the aim of fostering relations between the peoples of Turkey and Armenia, are following his detention process with deep concern and regret. 

Osman Kavala strives to overcome disconnection, prejudices and antagonisation through arts and culture as well as mutual contact and dialogue; puts his heart and soul to bring closer the peoples of the two neighbouring countries and to build friendship and cooperation between them; and makes efforts to bring benefit to a better future for the society that he is a part of. We demand Osman Kavala's immediate release.

22 December 2017

From Armenia:

Civilitas Foundation
Eurasia Partnership Foundation
Public Journalism Club
Regional Studies Center

From Turkey:

Citizens Assembly
Hrant Dink Foundation