Message from Osman Kavala on his 2000th day of imprisonment

Today marks my 2000th day behind bars due to baseless and unlawful allegations and charges.

The acquittal decision in the first Gezi trial, which was unanimously given, clearly stated that there is no concrete evidence linking me to any crime. My ongoing imprisonment despite this fact that should be apparent to anyone who reads the indictments and that gained a legal grounding with the two legally-binding decisions by the ECtHR, is an act of torture realized through the misuse of judicial authority. It is a manifestation of a perspective that disregards the value of human life.

I fervently hope that after May 14, a new perspective that upholds legal norms, human dignity, and human rights will prevail within the judiciary and all other public offices. And I believe that thousands of our fellow citizens who have also been imprisoned without any evidence linking them to the alleged crimes share this expectation.

Osman Kavala, 23 April 2023