Statement by Osman Kavala

Osman Kavala gave a statement following the Court decision regarding his continuation of detention on October 8, 2021:

As part of the recently joined and politically-motivated proceedings initiated in the fourth year of my detention, my request for release has been dismissed once again based on the same ground that there exists concrete evidence.

It is gravely concerning that different judges and courts are capable of forging concrete evidence out of some fictitious allegations by seriously taking into account irrational accusations based on conspiracy theories.

This not only an indication of divergence from legal norms, but also a striking disconnect from judging by reason.

What kind of measures are needed to ensure that the members of the judiciary comprehend that one cannot play havoc with the most fundamental human right, the right to live freely, in such a way? I truly believe this is a vital question that needs to be addressed by the public at large.

Despite everything, I keep my faith that justice will come to our country and prevail.

Osman Kavala, October 9, 2021