Statement by Osman Kavala in response to the recent news report published by Anadolu Agency

 On 14 July 2020, Anadolu Agency published a list of names in the news report titled “Famous figures of the FETÖ were brought to account”. It was extremely inappropriate and shocking for my name to appear on that list.

I have been arrested four times on three different, unreasonable, and factually inaccurate charges. Nevertheless, even these charges did not assert that I am a member or a supporter of FETÖ.

On the contrary, it was manifested in the court documents during the Gezi trial - which resulted in acquittal verdict - that the charges brought against me were based on unlawful interceptions and were articulated by the constables and judicial officers who are accused of being FETÖ members. This is confirmed by the court decision. 

The broadcast of bogus news about me has been going on for a long time now, and I believe the ones who are responsible for it should be brought to account.   

Osman Kavala, 20 Temmuz 2020