Osman Kavala has been the founder of many civil society organizations and supported various projects with the objective of a society that perceives cultural diversity not as an element of conflict but as a wealth, that gets nurtured by and becomes richer through differences. Below you can find detailed information about the civil society organizations Osman Kavala has been the founder or board member of with the aim of increasing the production, viewing and sharing of arts and culture in Turkey, supporting local initiatives, emphasizing cultural diversity and rights and strengthening local and international collaborations.


Anadolu Kültür

Anadolu Kültür was founded as a not-for-profit cultural institution in 2002 when individuals from various fields of the art world, the business world and civil society came together to support the production and sharing of culture and art in cities across Turkey and abroad. Anadolu Kültür continues its activities with the belief that cultural and artistic exchange will help develop mutual understanding and dialogue and overcome regional differences and prejudices, and that a broader cultural life will elicit a discussion of concepts such as citizenship, identity and belonging. 

For detailed information about Anadolu Kültür, please see  http://www.anadolukultur.org/en/ 


Diyarbakır Arts Center

Established in 2002 by Anadolu Kültür as its local branch in Diyarbakır, Diyarbakır Arts Center (DSM) aims to create a space that contributes to the arts and culture scene in Diyarbakir, where art-lovers and local artists can access arts and culture activities, develop their own projects and present them.  DSM organizes exhibitions, holds seminars, presents theater plays and does movie screenings. Through all of these activities it became a stage through which the cultural heritage in the west of the country and in other countries can be shared in Diyarbakir, the local community can share their experiences with people from other cities and a studio that brings together artists from different countries and in which international and interdisciplinary arts and culture projects can be realized.  Before it even turned five years old in 2007, it was listed as number five on the list of “ Spaces that contribute the most to Turkey’s arts and culture scene”.

For detailed information about Diyarbakır Arts Center, please see http://www.diyarbakirsanat.org/en 


Kars Arts Center

Anadolu Kültür started its work in Kars during its collaboration with Kars Municipality for the Festival of Caucasian Cultures in 2004. Kars Art Center (KSM) was later established on February 2005 when the municipality allocated a center for Anadolu Kültür’s use for cultural activities. Through 2005-2009, KSM later became a hub for arts and culture, not only for the city but also for cultural dialogue between Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Since it was the sole multi purpose hall in Kars, it became a center for community gatherings with various purposes. KSM hosted many projects between 2005-2009 as an art center with a multi-purpose hall that held up to 311 people and had a sufficient structure for movie screenings, theater plays and concerts, a gallery that complied with t international standards, a dark room and two workshop facilities.

For detailed information about Kars Arts Center, please see



DEPO is a space for culture, arts and critical debate in the city center of Istanbul. Depo focuses on practices, which deal with historical and contemporary social issues. Its program includes exhibitions, screenings, panel discussions, workshops and presentations and it publishes an online journal titled Red Thread. Depo aims to become a hub where politically and socially engaged projects are realized and to provide artists, curators, cultural operators, academics, researchers and a wide audience with a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences. 

For detailed information about DEPO, please see http://www.depoistanbul.net/en 


Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (KMKD) is an initiative that tends to preserve and to raise awareness of religious, civil and military monuments constructed by different communities within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey. KMKD takes a stand for the necessity of the protection of the cultural assets created by all communities in Anatolia. In order to reach its goals, the Association constitutes documents, makes risk assessments and performs the necessary operations for the protection of the architectural works, especially those are unprotected, and under the threat of destruction. 

For detailed information about Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, please see http://www.kmkm.org.tr/