Support from Artists to ‘the Counter’

Last updated on 04/02/23

‘The counter’ shared with the public via our social media accounts which has been counting the number of days Osman Kavala has unjustly spent behind the bars for over 5 years keeps going with the support of the artists and designers who have been in solidarity with Osman Kavala from the very first day. The counter, which should not have moved forward even a day, has been moving forward for 29 months with the design by Çağrı Karadağ, moved forward with the design by Burak Şuşut during April 2020, with the design of Ece Eldek during May 2020, with the joint design by Merve Elveren and Sevim Sancaktar during June 2020, with the joint design by Banu Cennetoğlu, Yavuz Parlar, and Ünal Bostancı during July 2020, with the design by Kemal Gökhan Gürses during August 2020, with the design by Memed Erdener during September 2020, with the joint video design by Zeycan Alkış and Ayça Telgeren during August 2020, with the design by Aren Selvioğlu during November 2020, with the design by Vardal Caniş during December 2020, with the design by Nazlı Cem during January 2021, with the design by Cem Dinlenmiş during February 2021, with the design by Natsuki Makita during March 2021, with the design by Turgut Yüksel during April 2021, with the design by Ali Cabbar during May 2021, with the design by Burak Şuşut during June 2021, with the design by Cemal Cahit Yavuz during July 2021, with the joint design by Nazım Dikbaş and Memed Erdener during August 2021, with the design by Murat Celep during September 2021, with the design by Rauf Kösemen during October 2021, with the design by Zeynep Özatalay during November 2021, with the design by Aslı Alpar during December 2021, with the design by Eli Bensusan during January 2022, with the design by İz Öztat during February 2022, with the design by Volkan Aslan during March 2022, and finally with the design by Mürrüvet Türkyılmaz and Işın Önol during April 2022 till the day of the verdict hearing. 

Burak Şuşut, April 2020


Ece Eldek, May 2020


Merve Elveren and Sevim Sancaktar, June 2020


Banu Cennetoğlu, Yavuz Parlar, and Ünal Bostancı, July 2020


Kemal Gökhan Gürses, August 2020

Memed Erdener, September 2020


Zeycan Alkış & Ayça Telgeren, October 2020


Aren Selvioğlu, November 2020

Vardal Caniş, December 2020


Nazlı Cem, January 2021

Cem Dinlenmiş, February 2021


Natsuki Makita, March 2021


Turgut Yüksel, April 2021


Ali Cabbar, May 2021


Burak Şuşut, June 2021

Cemil Cahit Yavuz, July 2021


Nazım Dikbaş and Memed Erdener, August 2021

Murat Celep, September 2021


Rauf Kösemen, October 2021


Zeynep Özatalay, November 2021

Aslı Alpar, December 2021

Eli Bensusan, January 2022

İz Öztat, February 2022


Volkan Aslan, March 2022

Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz and Işın Önol, April 2022